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The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights

The Construction of Wuthering Heights: Phase 2

A speculative view on how the second phase of the expansion of the Wuthering Heights farmhouse might have occurred.


The next stage of construction occurred when the Earnshaws built a separate barn (the same as now stands). This meant that the interior of the farmhouse which had been used as a barn could now be turned over to living accommodation. The rooms above the 'house' were removed so that the house/kitchen was given more clearance, providing more space for storage and allowing more air for the smoke to disperse. The old barn was split into two floors with two rooms both above and below. New windows, doors and fireplaces were added and old ones removed: the marks of these can often still be seen.

Completely new stonework was more regular than the old masonry and can be seen, for instance, on the tops of the chimney stacks.

At the same time as this work was taking place, the walls were heightened slightly and the pitch of the new roof increased to allow garret space for storage and servants' accommodation.

Ground floor interior

Ground floor interior

First floor interior

First floor interior

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the Wuthering Heights that appears in the story and can be seen on the Wuthering Heights page. This occurred when a kitchen wing was added to the rear, allowing the 'house' to be used purely as a sitting room. It also added three new rooms above and more garret space. At the same time, a more elaborate outer porch was added to the main entrance and various buildings were created in the new courtyard formed by the kitchen.

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