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The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights

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Reader's Guide logoI am a graphic designer by trade, I have decided to set my own versions of Wuthering Heights available at Lulu. The novel is professionally set and with a full index.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Why buy this version?

  • The book is paperback-sized (6 by 9 inches/15.2 by 22.9 cm), 200 pages long and is professionally set.
  • In the back is a full index listing events, character descriptions, etc. so you can easily reference the novel for interest or research.
  • Contains two genealogies – a partial one in the beginning which shows some of the relationships (ideal for reading the book for the first time) and a full one in the back for research and reference.
  • All of the translations of Joseph's speeches from this page are shown as footnotes on the appropriate pages so you can understand them as you are reading.
  • And you'll be supporting this website…
Click here to buy the paperback on Lulu Click here to buy the PDF on Lulu

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