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The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights

View of the Kitchen Yard

View of the yard

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The snow began to drive thickly. I seized the handle to essay another trial; when a young man without coat, and shouldering a pitchfork, appeared in the yard behind. He hailed me to follow him, and, after marching through a wash-house, and a paved area containing a coal-shed, pump, and pigeon-cot, we at length arrived in the huge, warm, cheerful apartment where I was formerly received.

Chapter 2

From the farm view on the Wuthering Heights page, you can see that there is a larger yard enclosed by the farmhouse, shed and stables. It is this yard that various arrivals dismount in and is the one yard referred to in the quotation above (if the "young man" – Hareton – had been in the kitchen yard, Lockwood – at the front door – would not have been able to see him).

I did think about putting a privy in the yard since it seems unlikely that a grand farmhouse in the late 1700s would not have had one; Lockwood might have found it too 'indelicate' to mention. However, I left it out of the final model.